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We believe that done is better than perfect. As a result, we produce your work efficiently, and which lead to your outcomes, more effectively. Sure, we can get stuck in the details, but experience shows us that it doesn't yield that great improvements in outcomes.

Short Form Content

Whilst we can do things like your TikToks and Instagram Stories, we believe that it's better to give it a '1x good one'. It's Singlish for doing things well, the first time round. Rather than spamming low quality content everyday, we believe in creating content that produces you outcomes, for the long term.

A Fancy Brand Name

We won't kid you and say we're the Oglivy of advertising. We just get you the best design and content, at the best possible price. 

We solve your design and content needs faster, cheaper, and more reliably.

You don't have to pay boatloads of money to bloated media agencies to get them to work on your projects. We work with the best independent creatives to keep your costs low.

Today, you might be struggling with

Yeah, we know. These are really hard things to do.

Graphic Design

Sure, Canva is great. But when you need to put together a report, you can't just use Canva.

You actually need Adobe InDesign to lay out the pages, put the graphics in line, and make it look like something more professional. 

Content Writing

Electronic Direct Mailers (EDMs). Research reports. Content articles. And you might think that ChatGPT is the way to go.. but it's not. Just read what AI spits out for you. Does it sound natural? Nope. 

And if you give that nonsense to people to read, they will definitely think you're a waste of their time, and never come back.

Getting More Sales

Ah, the magical question of how to get sales. We run advertising campaigns with Google Ads so that you get the most bang for your buck.

Looking Legit

With the noisy world of social media today, you might struggle to get more traction for whatever you do. We help you get placements in the most reputable media online.

But if you hire a content agency today...

Content agencies aren't perfect.


They might possibly be more expensive than your diamonds. No kidding. Get a random quote, and you would easily find yourself set back by $10k, minimally.

Slow moving agencies

Many agencies have multiple layers of hierarchies that mean that your work needs to be approved by bosses, and boss' bosses, before it comes back down to you, the client.

Inexperienced creatives and account executives

If your account is small (<$100k spend), you're not going to get the best working with you. You're going to get an account executive that's probably worked for 5 months, and another creative who's worked for 3 years. 

It's an industry secret that only the best creatives work with the biggest accounts.

Ah you're smart. You might think: 

Why not find a freelancer then?

Freelancers are great, but they can't solve your whole need. They might be able to edit your video, or write an article, but they probably would struggle to do larger pieces of work like:

  • Shoot the video, edit, and market it
  • Create the report you want, with the copy that converts

And what's more, because freelancers have to prospect, invoice, market, close sales, and handle the fulfillment of your project, they might not always be there when you need.

That's why you might just want to work with us.

Here's why we might be good friends. 

We are cheaper than your diamonds (really) 

The creatives we work with are mostly independent. That means that we don't have expensive office rentals, pensions, and benefits that we need to pay for. We pass on those savings to you, the client.

We choose to pay creatives well, and let them decide how best they want to settle their life.

We are the pros at long-form content

Most agencies would dazzle you with fancy designs. But if you read more deeply, you would realise that the copy doesn't resonate with you. 

If you want to write a report, a book, or design a yearbook, we will do it for you. The core of our team is made of (published) authors, which structure ideas to make them clear and accessible for readers to engage with.

We create content that engages and converts for a long time

Most content is short-form. Here today, forgotten tomorrow.

Whether you need more sales, leads or just writing a beautiful report that will impact people for a long time, we make sure that whatever you create isn't just here today, and gone the next. 

It will continue to impact, beyond just this month.

Most organisations make Annual Reports over 16 weeks.

A special needs school wanted us to create it in 8.

Let's call this special needs school Ferry School. Because of how tight their schedules had been, they wanted to make a year book highlighting their achievements in 6 weeks.

Time was tight. We had to do everything double quick, whilst not dropping standards in quality.

We quickly organised tasks for the teachers with Notion, allowing for an efficient split in work.

We used our domain expertise in the social services to quickly get a handle on the highlights of the school, and conveyed them in the best possible way. 

They Say

Jia Min

Founder, Luna Play

Media Lede grew our revenues by 44% in 2 months and also improved the rankings of our key products on Google, moving it up to the top 3 positions on Google, and subsequently boosting our growth!

Florence Leong 

Co-Founder, Kosmode Health

There was positive contribution through the website update, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), resulting in increase in Google rankings (top 3 for W0W Noodles).

You also landed us mentions in major publications like The Honeycombers, Workforce Singapore, Singapore Global Network, STSW, Live Young and Well!

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