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Whether it's an article, a report, or a book, it's hard finding people who 'just get it'.

We get it.

Because we were first trained as social workers, to understand people, before we helped them.

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Annual Reports

Annual reports are the perfect way to sum up the achievements of the year to your stakeholders, so that they know you're working hard, and not slacking. Making them though, needs great research, writing, and design.

Custom Published Books

Don't get us started on books. Write one, and you might possibly lose half of the hair on your head (at least I did). But writing one can position you above and beyond the pack, with the book functioning as a (rather expensive) namecard. It's worth the trouble though.

Educational Material

The British Association of Social Workers commissioned us to do a book to improve the retention of social work knowledge, especially after knowing the pressures social workers had on time. 

Motivational Cards

In 2020, during the height of the pandemic, one charity thought it might be a good idea to write cards to each other. They commissioned 20 designs of inspirational cards for the staff team, especially after knowing the difficulties of connecting with each other through the mask. 

The problem you might face

Often when people pick agencies to work on their project, they might face these problems.

The agency doesn't write like you

Most (smaller) agencies are design agencies first, and writers are something they outsource, or can't afford to hire. Consequently, whatever you produce feels stilted, and doesn't sound like you.

The agency can't really understand you

Most agencies are generalists. This means that they don't have the domain specific knowledge of your industry, and they therefore cannot capture your voice as well.

The agency executive may be inexperienced

If you're paying less than 100k, you will probably not get a great creative working on your account.

We understand clients first, before writing for them.

The client: Linking Hands

The brief: Linking Hands, a philanthropic organisation, saw how young people were struggling with the transitions between school and work. They wanted to create a resource that could help young people to transit more effectively.

The work: We interviewed 21 career luminaries, including people you might not traditionally have thought of - like a bus driver, or something who was in debt. We shared their stories and eventually built a resource where many youths were helped by.

We understood and created something that resonated for the social services.

The client: Hougang Sheng Hong Family Service Centre (FSC)

The brief: In 2020, during the pandemic, the FSC, which served the needs of those struggling with social issues like low-income, housing, or mental distress, wanted something to encourage their staff and social workers. Their staff were working overtime to meet the needs of residents. 

The work: We interviewed social workers to understand their challenges, and also what they were doing to help themselves through the pandemic. We then wrote out encouragement cards with punchy captions, and then got a designer to hand-write the quotes.

We created a set of 20 postcards for the staff.

They were deeply encouraged and one said, "These postcards helped me to find hope and courage again, and reminded me of why I worked in the social services."

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