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They say "Content is king", but what exactly does that mean, and how that even work out? 

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Yeah, we've been there.

Those times when you're tearing your head out and wondering what to do next to get more sales?

It's crazy tough to get found on Google.

With 1.13 billion (yes, billion with a B) websites, it may look close to impossible to getting ranked anywhere near the top on Google.

There's too much to do, and too little time to do it.

They tell you to do LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and you slowly wonder how that's even possible.

There's no fast return on investment.

You can put in thousands of dollars, not see any sales, and wonder if you're really doing anything right, at all. Are you just wasting time and money?

Yes, for all the hype over TikTok reels, the data shows something different.

The top traffic referrers remain Google. And the next competitor isn't even close. It's Facebook, at 10x less, referring just 5.2% of traffic. If you want to get more sales, you need to get found on Google.

With content.

The answer isn't more content.

It's better content.

What our agency will do:

  • Focus on one channel at one time, starting with where you're strongest at 
  • Talk to your customers, or target audience, interviewing them to understand their pain points, problems, and how they are currently solving it
  • Understand where your current target market is hanging out
  • Running direct response ads (especially Google) to increase the conversion rates

Traditional agencies would suggest:

  • Create more posts on social media - especially TikTok! 
  • Get onto more social media channels!
  • Run Facebook ads, and boost posts on Instagram!
  • Use AI to create content; teaching you how to use prompts to create the content through tools such as ChatGPT

Why you might want to work with us

We believe in 3 things as content marketers. 

  1. Play long-term games, with long-term people. We enjoy clients who build for the long term, rather than clients who just work on the short-term, and expect results after one month. We know marketing a brand, any brand, takes hard work, and time.
  2. Get you results faster. But we also know that it takes money to run a company. That's why in the meantime, we continue to run direct-response ads so that people who see your ads are immediately tempted to buy your product.
  3. Have skin in the game. We don't trust most agencies ourselves because we think that they have no skin in the game. Asking you to pay for the ads (that they may do wrongly), is just getting YOU to pay for their mistakes. We have skin in the game by having your ad budget come out of your retainer payment to us.

How we marketed Kosmode Health

The problem: When Kosmode Health first came to us, they were making great low-carb, protein noodles, except that not many people outside of their agri-tech industry knew about them. 

The work: We first tried to understand their noodles. What was so great about these noodles? Why did everyone need to try them? We even tried them ourselves - and were surprised at how great they were. 0 carbs too? Why weren't sales shooting through the roof?

We pitched their product to the media, covered their events, and did multiple rounds of Search Engine Optimisation.

It was hard work, and we were close to giving up. 

How SEO helped their product become more discoverable

We did the following:

  • Built up links by pitching and landing them media mentions in high authority sites like The Honeycombers
  • Wrote personable and relatable articles featuring their noodles, which got ranked on Google

We managed to get them ranked in the top position for items such as 'healthy noodles, low-carb noodles', in their local market in Singapore. 

We got them featured on big national media outlets, supercharging their brand awareness.

For example, by understanding their story, after multiple rounds of interviews, we crafted an angle that would appeal to online media outlets like MyCareersFuture, with 997k monthly readers.

The results


after 3 months...

  • Sales for 3 months between 16 Mar and 13 Jun 2023 increased 1170% compared to previous 3 months
  • Sales through Google as the first touchpoint rose 227% compared to previous period
  • Increased attractiveness of the company as an employer of choice, and their staff strength by 2, a growth of 25%

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