Get your website sorted quickly, and reliably.

We know, websites can be a real pain to do. From domain buying to hosting, to design, to sales, it can be crazy to get started.

Tell us how we can help.

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For a year

  • Custom web domain
  • Hosting
  • Website design of 5 pages (About, Services, Contact, Homepage and Resources)
  • Custom email domain

Worry less about money, and build a healthy business.

We've bootstrapped businesses ourselves. So we know that when you first start, money can be tight. And you might balk at spending $1200 on a site. That's why we've made it flexible for you to pay, so that you can have more money to build your business, and less worries.

This way, you have a site that gets you more clients, whilst having less outgoings.

We know how tough it is.

We've seen so many clients struggle, and we would hate for you to have more of the same.

It can be a real pain in the butt

When I did my first website, I remember it took me at least 6 hours a day, for a whole week (totaling 42 hours) to figure out basic things like 

  • How, and where to buy a domain
  • How to get the hosting done

Your time can be spent a lot more efficiently on things like getting more clients. We know that. That's why we want to help you.

It can waste a lot, a lot of time

If you find yourself going down rabbit holes of YouTube videos, articles, and websites trying to figure out which hosting provider or website design you should use, you might begin to realise how much time that takes. Why not trust an expert who's used all these different things before and therefore can give you better advice?

You don't get the goals you want

Maybe you want more sales. Or you want to showcase a professional looking aspect of your work. And sure, you can do it yourself, but you may not get something that looks polished and professional.

Here's a question: Would you trust yourself with your own medical care?

No? So why do so many of us try to solve our tech problems on our own?

But what are the options?

A freelancer from Fiverr

Sure, you can get this as the cheapest option. But you won't know how reliable they are until you use them.

Do it yourself

How much time do you have to waste? It will definitely be a good learning experience but you may struggle for quite a long time.

A full stack web development agency 

How much money do you have to spend? Expect to be set back by at least $6000, minimally.

Some of the websites we've done

We were asked to make a site to raise awareness of an initiative rebuilding Ukraine, and helped them raise $2.5m in 4 months.

Love On Ukraine - A ground up initiative rebuilding homes and communities in Ukraine 

Israel is one of Rwanda's biggest gospel singers. We made a site that showcased his music within 2 weeks.

We raised awareness of his work and increased the visibility of his brand.

Israel Mbonyi - Rwandan singer with 806k YouTube subscribers

My Quirkbee is a toy company that aims to build toys that develop the socio-emotional skills of children. We built a site that showcased the best of the product, and also incorporated unique design features that improved the user experience of the site.

My QuirkBee - Toy company

But why choose us?

Our expertise is with organisations with a social mission.

With a background working in charities and a training in social work, we understand social causes like few others do. This means that we will be able to get your brand much easier, much faster, and communicate it much better than most other agencies out there.

We deliver what you want, as you want it, because we are extremely reliable.

We've done websites in 2 weeks. Worked with organisations as far out as Rwanda, Poland, and the UK. We are experienced in delivering services remotely, with no disruptions. We make sure that we reply your queries within 1 business day, often less. What more do you want?

We help you get sales, clients, and resources, by combining our expertise in marketing. 

Many web development agencies can do your website, but may struggle to tell you how exactly you are going to sell your product. We don't. With our media solutions, we help you get ranked on Google quickly, and ensure that you get your business outcomes, fast.

How we work

1. We understand your needs

Using a shared document, we ask you questions related to what your website is about, what you are selling, and who your market is.

2. We buy the domains

Domains are often the hardest to get, and so we make sure that you get the name you want, for the business you want to build.

3. We host your domain on our server

Using, we make sure that you have the fastest website possible, to get ranked quickly on Google, and have happy customers.

4. We draft out the first page 

We then make sure that we are aligned by drafting out the first page for you, and getting your feedback on the page.

5. We meet for a review 

We know the first time can often be difficult, especially with differences in understanding about how a website should look like. That's why we get your input, fast.

6. We draft out the other pages

Getting the other information from you on your services, who your team is, how clients can contact you, and what's unique about you, we draft out the other pages for your eventual review. 

7. We meet for a second round of edits

We share the site with you. We then pass you a form. We arrange a second meeting to hear your comments for the second time before working in your edits.

8. Site goes live

It's ready! Your site is live! You're now ready to make money with your site!

Talk to us about your web design. We don't bite :)

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