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The book

Here's our book, as a gift for you :)

For those struggling with mental health, or those supporting those with mental distress, this book's for you.

Why this book won't just collect dust on your shelf

Ah, here's why this isn't just another book you leave on the shelf.


It helps you understand how to use negative emotions for good. Like sadness, depression, frustration and anger.


It supports you with a framework to answer difficult questions in life like "What do I do, why am I here, and where do I go from here?"


It helps you decide on the difficult decisions you have to make in your life, such as your relationships, your job, and your family.

They Say

Dr Daniel Fung

CEO, Institute of Mental Health

A must-read for parents, educators, social workers, and anyone interested in the mental well-being of young people.

Dr Geraldine Tan

Founder, The Therapy Room

This book is raw, and real.

A Singaporean child will read and be able to understand the yearnings and pains of the system.